The Car Park

Car Park

A while back my husband had to go and have a test done at the hospital. I needed to come along to drive him home. When we arrived the car park was full, so I dropped him off at the entrance and proceeded to drive around looking for a suitable parking spot. I found one in a private car park and left it there for a bit while checking up on my husband to see how much longer he was going to be.

The staff recommended to go shopping for a couple of hours, but with a very low bank balance at that time, this did not appeal to me at all. I decided to go and move the car to a better parking spot instead and wait in the car. The car park was still full, so I drove to a nearby side street and parked in front of a house and relaxed in the car for a bit, killing time, waiting and hoping a park near the hospital would become available before I had to pick up my husband.

When I drove back about an hour later, I spotted the perfect spacious parking spot in a no pay zone with the shade of a large tree! I quickly drove around the corner and up to the vacant spot, only to find someone else had just beat me to it and parked in the middle of it, preventing my car to fit next to his. A little annoyed at his selfish behavior I thought to myself, if only he moved it a couple of inches I could fit too…..and proceeded driving to the end of the narrow dead end lane to turn around and keep looking for a better spot.

As I came back around, I saw the car moving back and forth and the guy waving at me! He somehow realized his mistake and made room for me! He even got out of his car and guided me into the now narrow spot safely! I made sure I showed him my gratitude for being such a gentleman and smiled internally for the “lucky coincidence”. Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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