Christmas… and stuff


I normally write about my own thoughts and experiences, but found an appropriate blog post by Cristian Mihai this morning and felt I could not have said it any better, so enjoy my first “reblog”. Merry Christmas and the same for the coming year!

Cristian Mihai

christmasIt seems to me that we spend a handful of days each year thinking about the future, about the possibility of being better, about hopes and dreams and aspirations.

Christmas is one of those days. Family and presents and everyone seems to be happy, right?

But why not spend each and every day in this state of mind?

Why not spend each day as if it means more?

There’s no such thing as “a day just like any other.”

Each day may be your last. Each day brings new opportunities. Each day is a new beginning, so to speak.

So, here’s to beginnings. To having the courage and hope needed to see each day as a fresh start. A blank page on which to write down your own story. Your life’s story.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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