The Secret Ingredient

White Feather on old Bible page


Deception deep down holes,
departments infiltrated moles!

Paper clips and spiderwebs,
banking for eternal debts!

Inventions bought and hiding,
preventing commons thriving!

Unheard Tartar mystery,
forgotten old world history?

Symptom eradication,
over origin extermination!

Injustice in spotlights,
stirring emotional outcries…

When nothing makes sense,
best stay on that fence?

Confusion, opinions galore,
what angles do you adore?

Children, furniture and food,
do NOT let it ruin your mood!

How does it feel?
Feeling is real!

As it is felt,
so will be dealt!

Can you find gratitude?
Can you alter attitude?

Can you see the silver lining,
behind a storm cloud shining?

What good will we manifest,
and who deserves the best?

A future so bright,
evil blinded day and night!

Castles for homeless,
myth busting needless?

Rulers transparency,
commons, not hereditary.

Nature harmoniously respected,
flora and fauna protected.

Abundance with no strings,
emotional value, not things!

All needs are met,
ALL, from A to Z!

A war fought within’s,
already won before it begins!

TRUST! _/\_

As fear and confusion reign and emotions are stirred, I want to point out the importance of not dwelling on what we perceive and the resulting feelings, but spend most of your dwelling time visualising, and especially feeling in your heart, what you would like to encounter in the future now.

The above poem helped me put things in perspective during a time my muse had left me, or did he?

Maybe I was a victim myself too, getting swept up by the fear tide that has been rolling around the world. Thankfully my knowledge and years of training helped me swim back to the shore in time to curb the damage.

I am so glad to have seen so much in the past that has happened as I once dreamed it into being. A simple thing like a heartfelt thought on one of my childhood birthdays, that were usually wet and cold in November in the Netherlands. I wished from the bottom of my heart that one day I would spend my Birthday in a warm climate, like Australia… I was seeing the smiling faces at my garden party in my minds eye… It took a while, but it finally happened this week when we had a freak hot Spring day on my Birthday of 32 degrees Celcius!

There have been so many amazing small and larger moments in my everyday life in the past year, despite all that’s happening around me, from a feather found in confirmation of my thoughts, to making it blatantly obvious that serendipity follows me always, provided I have trust things will work out for the best.

What initially seemed like bad news, like one of my part time jobs and brand new small business being affected by circumstances, causing me to be home more than usual turned out a blessing. The positive results were being able to take care of my husband who came down with health issues, enjoying a break from all the travels in the past few years looking after mum overseas, and my other part time job offering extra hours.

Luck is what you make it, and as I see it, just another word for karma. Do onto others what you would like others to do onto you and trust that in times of need help will be provided. Ask and it is given! Cry poor and receive poor, Celebrate abundance, observe what happens! Do not believe me, do your own experiments!

Its is really simple, just be glad, seek out anything you can feel wholeheartedly grateful about and trust your Creator. The secret ingredient is heartfelt emotion!

With Gratitude,


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