Go with the flow


Last week on a warm Summer’s eve, after a long hard day’s work, l was walking back from the Chinese takeaway shop with my dog and food. I like doing this to save time and fuel and have a night off cooking. Walking along in my usual thoughts, l spotted a mobile phone on the nature strip not far from my home. I felt that I could not leave it there to be found by a less honest individual, so took it home to make sure it would find its owner back safely. Surely the owner would live nearby from where l found it, as l concluded it must have fallen out of a pocket while waiting to cross the street.

Priorities first though, as I did not want to eat a cold meal, so went home and ate dinner, while charging the almost flat phone with hubbies charger of the same brand.
After dinner l tried to find some clues on how to get in touch with the owner and found the phone thankfully was not locked. The photo of two young children having fun on the screen showed me it had to be a mum, which was confirmed some more by spotting a pregnancy app. Next I found a few clues in the contact list of family members, which I proceeded to try and call… to no avail… I took great care not to look at any more personal stuff than the contact list as I did not want to be rude and intrude.

Perhaps she was with a different provider with no reception in my home? We do live in a known black spot…Even though I was exhausted, I decided to walk up the street, up the hill to find better reception. Still, no calls made it through to alert the family to the fact I had located the phone and tried to find who it belonged to.

My thoughts turned to a little concern that now I had to resort to handing it in at the nearest police station for them to find the owner….which was a bit of a drive as there is no public access to the one in our town….I did not really want to go through that much trouble…Still stayed slightly hopeful of finding a way to save myself the drive as I was exhausted, and had to work the next day.

At the same time there was the mum, desperate to find her phone back, sending thoughts out herself…

Slowly I walked back down the hill, phone in hand looking at the screen every time it bleeped telling me another email came in.

You can imagine my surprise when l walked past a house and overheard a lady through a closed fly wire door yelling at the kids that she had to find her phone first! What are the odds of this happening right at the moment of me walking past within earshot, after taking my time and having dinner first?

Immediately I yelled back that I was trying to locate an owner of a lost phone. A lady came out, highly pregnant… it had to be hers, I decided and yes, indeed, she was very pleased to get it back, explaining that she was a little concerned about not having had it locked and no credit left… Of course I reassured her quickly that I had been discreet and suggested maybe to have some credit on it next time, enough for a call?

Another example of thoughts and circumstances working to a serendipiteous meeting?… Based on my previous experiences with this ‘go with the flow’, I am convinced it was, feel glad, and welcome your comments 😉

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