Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Last June the previous manager of a small local supermarket got a jar of coconut oil in for me after my enquiry about it for its health benefits. It is supposed to be the best oil for frying due to being stable at high temperatures (not turning into harmful fats) as opposed to my previous choice of olive oil which I recently found out not to be so. Over Winter I used it and found that there was hardly any “coconutty” taste to it at all trying it in several different dishes. Of course I finished the jar and went back to the store to order some more. There was a new manager and he was willing to look into it for me.

Whether he did or not, months later I found myself still without the desired product. I did ask regularly about the progress, but got a different excuse every time. I did not stress or worry about not having it as I was also happy with the second best alternative of grape seed oil. I just thought about it and kept enquiring without getting upset.

A few months back, on a walking trip with the dog to the library and shops, I suddenly remembered seeing an advertisement for a new store that was opening earlier that week. The library had just shut to my disappointment. My disappointed mood changed quickly when I spotted some horses grazing across the road on a grass filled vacant block and some halters hanging out the front of the cafe, aptly named “Saddlers”, next door to the library. I had a short chat to the small group of people sitting at the tables outside to satisfy my curiosity of the unusual sighting in our village.

The new shop is 2 doors down from the library and sells whole foods. ( I went in to check out their products and to my amazement saw a whole shelf of several brands of coconut oil! I bought a big jar of it along with some coconut milk (thinking of dairy free banana smoothies) and a small bag of very freshly roasted sugar and cinnamon coated almonds, which were a delicious snack to keep my rumbling tummy at bay until I got home with the rolls for lunch that I still had to go and buy at the bakery.

Most people would not see this event as anything special, but to me this is something else. This is another story that proves to me that your thoughts really do influence your life and everyday happenings… Things fall into place all the time when you focus your thoughts in a positive direction, whether you know it or not. I think knowing is better, because then you can guide your thoughts to things that bring happiness into your life, giving rise to more pleasant “coincidences”. I am glad that this new shop has opened up in our little village, it certainly made my day a lot more exiting! Please share your thoughts in the comments below or if you have had similar experiences happen to you.

2 thoughts on “Coconut Oil

  1. aminellie1inspiration

    oh my gosh coconut oil!!! There are normal coconut oil that is not used for frying…and you can use it for your hair and skin and stuff, find it!!! Check those brands and read the labels until you find it because it is sooo good for you. It makes your hair and skin feel sooo soft. But of course it would look a lot oil so you can do it when you are home or before you go to bed or something. But it softens your skin so much! 😀 😀 😀

    • Thanks for your feedback and sorry about my late response. The post “Storm Lovers” explains why I have only started looking at my blog again in the last week. The photo of the Coconut Oil Jar in the post, is the one I took with me to the Snow, which I bought in the store I was talking about in the post. I have recently added the link for them to the text. 😉 I am still discovering more and more uses for it and if you would like to see a huge list of ideas, check out my Face Book page where I posted one I found on another timeline 🙂

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