The Lady in the Supermarket continued…


Yesterday, I put off going to the supermarket, for only a handful of groceries, again! I needed to take the dog for a walk as well, but for some reason I had a gut feeling that I should take the car and do the lazy “stop at the park on the way home walk”. Lucky I did, because after gathering my items and finding the shortest queue, I found myself lined up again (déjà vu) behind the lady from my previous story! I had not seen her since I wrote the story a few months back!

After a few moments of fear and hesitation, I found the courage to tell her about the story I wrote about our previous encounter. She gave me a puzzled look and asked why I wrote a story about her. I replied that I thought it was worth sharing, because it could make people happier. Next, I asked her if she had access to a computer, so she could have a look at it. She told me her daughter could help her, so I asked the attendant for a pen and some scrap paper to write my blog address down for the lady. I must admit that I stumbled a bit trying to remember how to actually write it on paper with the “http” and appropriate amount of dots and slashes. So I added “Word Press Blog” and wrote “story about ‘the ladies name'” followed by the title of the story, hoping that would be enough information for the daughter to locate it on the web.

I could tell she was still surprised and had quite a few questions as to my motive and what was so special about her that I had written a story about it. I assured her it was all good and that she should check it out to get the answers. I felt really good about the fact that I could return the good feelings and was hoping the story made her feel as good as what she had done to me on our previous encounter. As I walked out, I again felt the same way I did last time!

Thinking about this on the way home, I drove straight past the park and had to turn around to take the dog for his anticipated run! Poor boy, I was so happy, I could not wait to get home to write this down, because to me it felt like things “fell” into place, because I had thought about how nice it would be for her to read it as I published it last week! I am glad I acted on my gut feeling!

4 thoughts on “The Lady in the Supermarket continued…

    • Yes, among other expressions, like karma, God’s will or law of attraction, but whatever you prefer to call it, is not important. What is important, is that it is fun to recognise it happening and that it happens to everyone!

    • Thank you, I hope so too, even though I recently found out that due to my blog being only a few weeks old it may be difficult for her to locate it via Google, until they put the SEO on their listings (takes 4 to 6 weeks, I’m told). However, I trust that if there are any such problems, I am bound to run into her again one day to explain 😉

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